Dance Sensation offers classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop, beginning at age 3 to 19. Many of our students register for more than one style of dance, to broaden their dance education and experience.


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Recreational Dance

Recreational dance refers to any form of dancing which is done for pure

enjoyment. Our recreational dancers perform several routines in our

end-of-year recital, as the level of teaching is of a high standard. Our recreational

dancers often transition into competitive dance programs after a few years, which

speaks to the quality of our recreational dance program.


Children introduced to dance for its social and physical benefits often develop a

love of dance and continue to dance all their lives.

Competitive Dance

Competitive dance requires more of a commitment to dance by both dancers and their parents, as the dancers train more extensively, compete in various dance styles, and are evaluated by a panel of judges.


Competitive dance develops coordination, rhythm, strength, posture, flexibility, commitment, discipline and teamwork.


At Dance Sensation, all competitive dancers strive for excellence. Children can achieve the extraordinary, if they are encouraged, supported and provided with the proper training. If your child enjoys dance and is prepared to work hard in a fun but disciplined environment, then our competitive program has a lot to offer.


Anyone is welcome to audition for the competitive program. All competitive students are accepted based on evaluation, and dance experience is usually necessary to be eligible for placement.


No matter what dance form your child participates in, they are all part of our extended family and can expect our full support and nurturing throughout their dance career and beyond.


2010 - present

2010 - present



Jazz is one of the most popular forms of dance available.  It is a technical dance form requiring agility, stamina and strength. Classes begin with guided warm-up and stretches, which target muscle endurance and flexibility. Exercises concentrate on correct body alignment and work on the students' proficiency at recall and execution. Classes are highly energetic and lots of fun.

Jazz classes are available for ages 3 and up. Classes are available in both recreational and competitive formats.



Musical phrasing is essential in this form of dance, where the goal is to produce music with your feet. Tap dancing requires an excellent sense of timing, co-ordination, precision and technique.  Students will work through basic warm-up combinations, standard tap steps, and intricate choreography to hone their agility, musicality, style, and rhythm skills.

Tap classes are available for ages 3 and up. Classes are available in both recreational and competitive formats.



Lyrical is often described as a hybrid of Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance. Lyrical is less constrained than Ballet, more emotive than Jazz and incorporates free movement from Modern. It is a highly interpretive, expressive, and free-flowing form of dance, wherein the dancer expresses the theme or lyrics of a piece of music through his/her movements.Classes are available by invitation only to older students who have a background in Ballet and/or Jazz.



This is a classical form of dance with emphasis placed on rhythm, musicality, balance and proper body alignment. The classroom structure includes barre work, stretching, floor exercises, across-the-floor work, and complex combinations, and students are instructed using classical ballet terminology. Ballet is the cornerstone of dancing and its fundamentals can be found in all other forms of dance. Ballet promotes self-confidence, focus, poise, and self-discipline.  Pointe classes are carried out in hard-toed shoes and follow the same structure as ballet classes. Students may advance to pointe work only on the recommendation of their ballet teacher. Ballet classes are available for ages 3 and up. Classes are available in both recreational and competitive formats.



Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. We focus on floor work, using gravity to pull dancers down to the floor. This dance genre is often done barefoot and can be performed to many different styles of music.



Hip Hop is a fast-paced, high-energy form of dance. Previous dance training is not required (though it can be beneficial) as emphasis is less on formal technique and more on personal style. Classes start with a warm-up designed to get the blood pumping and the muscles working intensely, and then students will move on to learning and perfecting difficult choreography. Hip Hop classes are available for ages 8 and up. Classes are available in both recreational and competitive formats.



Acrobatic dance is similar to a gymnastics floor routine. Students learn gymnastic and acrobatic tricks such as rolls, balances, and dance moves. All of these skills are then combined to produce difficult and interesting routines. Students learn to stretch and strengthen their bodies first, so as to avoid injuries. Instructors carefully assist students and practice on the safety of athletic mats.

Acro classes are available for ages 7 and up. Classes are available in both recreational and competitive formats.